It is imperative that children finish school with excellent skills in reading and writing. Without this, future opportunities are narrowed.
I am more than aware of how hard English teachers work in schools to provide the best learning possible for all children in the classroom. But sometimes a child can quietly slip behind in class. Sometimes, a child might lack confidence in English. Sometimes, what a child needs is focused one-on-one help. They need someone who can quickly identify their weaknesses and give them direct guidance on how to improve.
Alternatively, many able students often need pushing further. They also can benefit from additional learning outside the classroom to rapidly accelerate their progress. One-on-one help can offer them a greater challenge and increase their chances of attaining the top grades.
Ages and Skills

I specialize in tutoring students aged 12-18, although I can certainly tutor younger or older students. For example, I can help primary school children who are preparing for secondary school. I am also more than willing to help  university students, in particular when writing and researching works by authors between 1700-1900.


I can help to improve skills and attainment in any of the following:


  • grammar and punctuation accuracy

  • writing skills

  • spelling and vocabulary

  • reading comprehension

  • inference and deduction

  • language analysis

  • exam practice (including entrance exams)

  • exam skills, techniques and timing

  • preparation for coursework.

I offer support for students taking any of the following HSC courses, although I can adapt tuition to suit any similar course:​

  • English (Standard)

  • English (Advanced)​

  • English (Extension 1)

  • English (Extension 2)

  • English as a Second Language

  • English Studies


I am also very keen to offer help at university level, such as with essay writing and research skills in English literature 1700-1900, as well as Shakespeare.


Students who are about to take entrance examinations should also contact me; I would be very glad to help with this.

What I Offer
Prices and Availability

English tuition will include the following:


  • usually, one or two hour slots of focused one-on-one tuition at your house - although duration is flexible;

  • a folder and an exercise book, which your child keeps;

  • extracts, worksheets, glossaries, terminology sheets;

  • additional homework exercises if requested.


All you need is a pen.


For students in Sydney:

Availability: I am available any day of the week, including weekends.


Please contact me for all enquiries and to check availability, or you can book online.