Student Comments
Parent Comments

"Daniel's approach to teaching is engaging, succinct, and refreshingly informal. I went from a C to an A* in my A-Level and I doubt I could have done it without him. If you or your kids need English tuition, look no further!"



"Danny quickly identified the areas of the subject which require improvement.

He develops bespoke sessions to work on specific skills which are suited to our son's learning style. For our son this includes competitions to utilise as much grammar as possible, he really responds to this method.

Danny quickly developed a rapport with our son, he builds a trust which develops into a mutual respect, in turn giving our son confidence. There is never a wrong answer in any discussion about anything in English. This increases confidence and broadens our son's knowledge and understanding of the subject.

At the end of each session our son has a sense of achievement.

Danny's knowledge of the subject and teaching styles is evident. We are confident that with Danny we have given our son the best possible chance of achieving his GCSE in English.



"My boys have the best English tutor in Oxfordshire, a couple of times a month to help them move forward, thank you Daniel Brocklehurst, the boys are looking forward to next week to do extra English! ( unheard of) No idea what you did, but in your debt already!"



"At the end of my first year as a sixth form student I achieved a D overall in English Language and Literature, and realised I needed extra support in my studies. Within a few months of tuitions with Mr B/Danny, I improved massively and achieved an A grade in my retake exam (I had gotten an E in this exam the year before). I would highly recommend Mr B/Danny as an English tutor as he made the subject enjoyable and I strongly believe that I wouldn't have achieved my final grade and gotten into the university I wanted without his support. His tuitions made the topics I was studying (Shakespeare, poetry and analysing language) a lot clearer and doing timed essays enabled me to improve my exam skills, whilst giving me confidence in exam situations."

Sinem Ulusoy

"Danny was my children’s (13 & 15 years) English tutor for 14 months in 2015/6.


He was highly recommended to me by a local Head Teacher. He has an abundance of impressive qualifications and an extensive CV with many years of relevant teaching experience.


He exudes genuine passion for his subject which diffuses into his pupils. He actually taught my children to understand and enjoy English with a resulting significant improvement of their grades.


He has a wonderfully natural, amiable and engaging manner and seems to have a great rapport with my teenagers. He knows just how to motivate them, whilst making it interesting and fun. They actually don't mind sitting down with him for an hour and working ... miracles.


If you are looking for a tutor for your children I would highly recommend Danny."

Kate Tempest

"I have known Daniel Brocklehurst for approximately 2 years. 

Danny was an English teacher at my daughter's secondary school, Wood Green School, Witney.

In Spring 2015, I decided to find a private tutor to help Francesca with English Language and English Literature in readiness for her GCSE Exam in 2016. I contacted her school to see if they could find a suitable tutor.

Danny contacted me as he was interested in doing some private tuition tuition. As he already knew Francesca and had previously taught her, he seemed the ideal tutor.

Danny tutored Francesca from Spring 2015 to her exam in June 2016. I am delighted to say she passed both her English Language and Literature exams.

Francesca found Danny's help hugely beneficial. He was always positive, patient and highly motivational. He always kept me informed of Francesca's progress and was very reliable. He relayed information to her teacher at school on the areas where she needed help and the school also relayed information back to him. The system worked incredibly well.

Danny also tutored my young daughter aged 12 for approximately six months. Claudia also benefitted from his help.

I can highly recommend Danny as a private tutor or teacher. In fact I have asked Danny to let me know if or when he returns to Oxford so that he can continue to tutor Claudia."

Karen Miranda

"Danny tutored my son in english in the 2nd year of his GCSEs. Without him my son would not have passed his english exams. He taught my son in a professional but very patient and kind way and as well as giving him the tools to succeed he also gave him the confidence. We cannot thank Danny enough."

Madeleine Sinclair

"Danny Brocklehurst recently tutored my son ready for his GCSE English exams and we are thrilled with the results. He not only concentrated on the subject but also included exam technique. My son went from a predicted C grade to achieving an A in each exam. 

Danny is a very thorough teacher with a style which is comfortable for young students. He is always punctual and easy to contact when necessary. 

I would highly recommend him and he's my first choice of tutor!

Samantha Cowley